Thursday, 20 September 2012

Perceptions of Paradise-By Ajmal Khattak Baba


I asked a mullah, what do you think is Paradise like?
He ran his fingers through his beard and said
“Fresh fruits and rivers of milk”

A talib (student) was sitting nearby
I asked him, what do you say?
He put aside the book of Zulekha he was reading, and said
“Beautiful women with (tattooed) green dots on their cheeks”

A shaikh stood nearby, rolling his tasbeeh (rosary)
He stroked his beard and said (questioning the talib):
“No, it’s not like that!”
“Paradise is beautiful servant boys and heavenly music.”

A khan raised his head from a lengthy sajda (prostration in prayer)
What is your opinion, Khan Sahib? I asked
He adjusted his turban and said
“The luxuriously furnished and perfumed mansions”

Nearby, a labourer stood in his tattered clothes
I asked him, do you know what Paradise is?
He wiped the sweat from his brow and said
“It’s a full stomach and deep slumber”

A man, in dishevelled hair, passed by, lost in his thoughts
I asked, what do you say, philosopher?
Smoothing his hair, he said:
“It’s nothing but dreams conjured up to please man”

(Confused) I looked down into my heart and then looked up into the blue sky; and heard a murmur in reply:

“Paradise is your home where you are the master, and at liberty;
and if you cannot attain the freedom, then sacrifice on the path to freedom, as an ideal, is Paradise;
Be it hellfire or the gallows.

Here is the song Da Yao mulla ne me Tapos oko sang by Sardar Ali Takkar.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Another attempt to hurt us or want us to react -The Blasphemous Film

 when those cartoons were published in Denmark I remember people in Pakistan burnt their own trains and buses to condemn it. Some people lost their lives too in the wild protests across the country and then everybody was regretting that ( Burning trains and damaging Govt and public property) should have not happened. The same happened in Afghanistan too last year. It`s good that Pakistanis learned a lesson from it and they didn't repeat it this time when the uncivilized, full of hatred Blasphemous Film has been released. Though the people of Libya responded in a different way by killing US ambassador to their country and burning the embassy building.

Being a Muslim I too have the feelings of anger and was hurt to hear it. This should not happen at all. The People of west should respect the Muslims faith and the government and general public should have played their role. They all knew it and it was intentional there is no doubt in it.

Why they do so by the way? Many people have many interpretations and most of them sound logical. Like "It may be an attempt to just hurt and humiliate Muslims Or They are afraid and jealous of Islam and Its Divine teachings since its spreading and thousands of people are converting into it, Or they want us (Muslims ) to react violently like i said we did in the past, or Its just their freedom of expression and are fully allowed to say anything by any means against any one ( I heard from one of my teacher Sir Imran Wazir that you cannot praise Hitler and the holocaust on social networks because its a violation).

So what should be our response to such things or How can we stop it? One cool and really appreciated way to react is to spread the true face of Islam and the adorable teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Let the world know how much we love our Prophet and what is Islam all about. But How? See the next para.

In response to the abusive film by the Israeli-American person, the organization named "Discover Islam UK" distributed around 110,000 free copies of Quranic translation and text about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the citizens of London. A very smart and far better approach than the violent protests that are currently going on around the world. May God bless them.

Courtesy I Love Peshawar Facebook Page.

Whatever the reason behind these failed attempts of disgracing us are, we the Muslim should focus more on ourselves. How much we are obeying the teachings of Quran? We have forgotten the sole aim of our lives -to worship Allah. We have wrapped  our Quran in clean clothes and we remember its worth when we have to swear by it or when the INFIDELS try to humiliate it. We don`t bother ourselves to read it with translation. We have left it to some Mullahs who at times narrate things which are neither from Quran nor from Hadith but are meant to either spread hatred amongst ourselves so that we consult him every time or because he is paid for it(FATWAS).

The point is we cannot do anything practically to stop them doing so. The only way is to preach it. By the way after 9/11 more people in US converted into islam. why? Because they started reading it that " is it really the teaching of Islam and Jihad to kill innocent people like this ?" They started to find it in Hadith and Quran which was not there at all. But the true, powerful and logical verses of God forced them to accept Islam.

I wish we were capable of making an international standard movie in which we could have showed how much we love the then their Prophet Jesus( whom they believe is the son of God).